More about the creators of the programme

Maureen Freelink

My name is Maureen Freelink and throughout my life I have always been involved in sports. My knowledge and experience of athletics training comes from my time as an international track athlete running the 800 meters. Fitness is what I have devoted my life to and continue to love. I have been a health and fitness coach for 12 years, working in Italy, the United Kingdom and currently in Amsterdam.

The three main goals for all of my clients are:

• To be the best version of yourself
• To achieve your best physique
• To upgrade your fitness and promote your health. 

My clients receive personalised trainings to fit their goals. Whether these be to lose weight, become healthier, tone up, or gain strength, they always contain a combination of physical training, nutrition and mental coaching..

Judith Westerveld-Ardesch

My name is Judith Westerveld-Ardesch and I am a life coach and a SensiTherapist. People with different challenges come to my practice for a coaching journey. Sometimes they have lost the balance between work and their private life, or they miss the zest for life. Other times, they feel tired or have problems at work. In my sessions I look at the person in a holistic way and address all the important pillars, such as relaxation, sleep, nutrition, exercise and the meaning of life.

During my Sensi treatments I help people with various problems such as long-term unexplained injuries or obvious symptoms that just don't get better. Many of these symptoms are the result of an imbalance between body and mind, caused, for example, by ignoring physical signals or signs of stress. In my Sensi sessions I use the power of the self healing capacity and I help people to restore the connection between their mind and body.