28 days to a healthier version of yourself.

With 28 BOOST you take one step at a time to a new you.

28 days to a healthier version of yourself.

With 28 BOOST you take one step at a time to a new you.

How does 28 BOOST work?

You'll get an assignment every day for 28 days. Every day a clear challenging and fun task which is manageable enough to fit into your day.

All of these assignments together add up gradually until the end of the 28 days where you will have taught yourself a much healthier way of living and you will be perfectly able to continue without our guidance.

Our assignments are divided into four pillars that together will support a healthier lifestyle. You really can't do one without the other.

1. Self-Development
2. Mindfulness
3. Nutrition
4. Exercise

4 pillars for optimal health

28 Boost


With 28BOOST you gain insight into your personality. You discover what your stumbling blocks are and how to jump over them in the future.

28 Boost


Through our exercises you'll learn how to unwind and relax.

28 Boost


You'll get lots of useful advice from us, as well as delicious food & drinks recipes. We will not tell you what to eat, but we will give you guidelines on how to improve your eating habits.

28 Boost


During the 28 days, your fitness level will improve through the motivational fitness videos. The programme is suitable for both beginners and more advanced participants as you can workout at your own pace. 

Why does 28 BOOST work so well?

Cutting out all sugar, running two laps around the park and sleeping like a baby after 10 minutes of meditation doesn’t happen overnight.

We believe in the step-by-step method. For 28 days, every day, you'll take one small step. Sometimes two steps forward and then one step back, but you’ll always be moving forward. After 28 days you'll look back and see that you have gradually come much further than you could have ever imagined. 

You’ll feel so much better and have renewed energy levels. This will give you the boost you need to continue your new lifestyle.

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Meet 28 Boost's Program Creators

Judith and Maureen

Hi, we are Judith and Maureen, Judith is a lifestyle coach and Maureen is a health & fitness coach.

After having lived in different parts of the world where we met in Italy, we decided on our return to the Netherlands to work together. We both share a vision that the journey to a healthier body and a sharper mind is made up of many small steps.

Nobody can completely change their lifestyle overnight. That’s why we have developed our 28 BOOST programme.

On the 4 week programme you will learn to break your bad habits and embrace better ones.

What's being said about us


After putting myself last for a number of years I was put in touch with Maureen through a mutual friend. Since relocating from the UK 6 months ago she has well and truly become a part of my new life in Amsterdam. She has not only pushed me physically but has also influenced my diet in such a healthy way. She also happens to be excellent company so I can chat and distract myself from the hard work I’m doing at the time - a complete bonus in my book. I look forward to each session and I am trying to figure out how I can fit an extra one in my week - and for me to say that is quite something! Thank you Maureen. Here’s to many more hours together.


Judith has ensured that thanks to practical exercises I have come to well applicable and solution-oriented insights. Those insights led to me being able to make decisions and me daring to make decisions that I avoided. I now understand much better why I've let some things slip too long. Judith has given me tools to turn negative thoughts into positive ones. A valuable process with beautiful conversations, with a smile and a tear, with a coach who listens to you and understands what you need to grow.